"Just finished day 13 and feeling better and better each day. I have more energy, my thoughts are more collected, and I am definitely more at peace with things around me. This has been huge in keeping me grounded, especially with all of the uncertainty in the world right now."
Lance - Colorado
"Day 6 of Meditation Training complete. The longer it gets the better I feel.
Starting to find myself again."
Marshall - Georgia
"I've been meditating with Rajan for nearly a year. I was already somewhat experienced but practicing with Raj has been a whole other level..or two, or three. 
In my case, the training has given me tangible and significant improvement in focus, energy levels and willpower. "
Paul - Chicago
"I had the opportunity to sit with Raj for meditation during a time in my life when trauma had resurfaced. I found Raj's techniques so helpful that I pursued 1 on 1 training with him. 
I am eternally grateful as today I have peace and a new freedom."
Laurie - Denver
This Meditation Academy is NOT:
  • It is NOT theory on how to meditate.
  • It is NOT meant to "balance chakras."
  • It is NOT teaching based on a certification course. 
  • ​It is NOT going to take a degree in philosophy to understand

It is a Proven System

What if meditation and mindfulness didn't require you to balance chakras, spend time chanting to wind chimes, and establishing a connection with your "Animal Spirit," or doing something called shadow work...(No one really knows what that means.)

BUT, meditation and mindfulness can be PRACTICAL. It can be methodical, and follow a system or MAP for guiding someone (you) into your mind, past the trauma, hurt, and random thoughts, into peace, silence and stillness. 

That's what THIS is. A system of meditation that works for busy people, accountability to help you STICK WITH IT, and mindfulness training tutorials for every aspect of life. 

We've all questioned who we are, what we're doing in life, and where we're going. 

The philosopher Joseph Campbell said self-transformation is our greatest challenge as human beings.

“The Hero’s Journey” was his way of explaining our path in life, our path to transformation.

The hero’s journey begins when something awakens us to the need for change—pain, discomfort, hardship. Campbell describes it as the “Call to Adventure.”
Once we accept the call we push forward into the unknown.
Along the way we face doubt, uncertainty, fear and hardship.

At some point we realize we cannot make the journey alone, and we seek help from a mentor.
"Your Day 1 video is just what I needed. I sat to meditate without back support after a long long time. Those exercises you showed surely helped. Words cannot express my excitement about moving forward in my practice."
Nipurna - California
Your Brain
Is like a sponge, and it constantly needs to absorb new knowledge or else it declines with age.
Effective and powerful people are taking action steps right now to become better with meditation study.
Know where you want to be in life, what you want to do, and have confidence moving forward.
"Everything about the flow and vibe of your course is great. After I finished my first few minutes I was already looking forward to the next. "
Jimmy - Denver
What You're Going to Learn
Discover monk learned techniques from Rajans 60+ video tutuorials on breathing, visualization, posture, and pure focus.
Energy Managment
The membership grants access to Rajan's powerful library of ritual based training so students can maximize their performance for a fast-paced-life with balance. 
Explore ways to be more mindful of your life, observant of your future, and peaceful in your present. 
Eastern Psychology
Learn new ways to perceive relationships, stress, anxiety, crisis, chaos, love, and performance by using Eastern philosophical principles such as Yin and Yang. 
"Day 5 of meditation training done. Every day, I want to keep going longer. I literally feel high for hours after each day. Feelings of relaxation, confidence and well being seem to fill me more and more."
Arthur - California
A Living Meditation School
learn from a monk
Find peace in your practice and your life with powerful tools developed by a former monk of 12 years. 
Become a Teacher
Use Rajan's videos, worksheets, and lectures to teach your students meditation, mindfulness, and philosophical tools to better their lives. 
"Did not expect so much Good content. Awesome courses."
Costa - Hawaii
"The way I see my life now is completely different, refreshed and renewed. I feel like myself again. "
Mahtab - Sweden
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