One Minute Meditation
Learn How Busy People Get Meditation Success In One Minute

Remove Tension.

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people, and 70% of adults in the US say they feel stress or anxiety daily.

Discover Peace.

We live in stressful times. Global connectivity, instant gratification, constant screen-time forces us to live in a fast world. Meditation is our way to be at peace AND live the life we want. 

Restore Balance.

Rajan developed the Minute System after working and living as a monk for 12 years. The One Minute System is quick, efficient, and sustainable. 

Step by Step
Raj breaks down meditation minute-by-minute for an easy and natural understanding of meditation.
Don't get locked into a program that doesn't work for your mind. Stop and go when you want, where you want.
Choose whether you like short, medium, or long meditations by staying at the time limit that works for you.
24/7 Support
Rajan never leaves a student behind, and checks up on their meditation progress as the month course goes along. No student left behind!

What Students Are Saying

Costa, Hawaii

"This course is great. I was not anticipating the different types of techniques as we transition from day to day. I want to skip to day 20 and just repeat that because I do enjoy it more as the mediations get longer. Like when the timer goes off I’m like “damnit” haha"

Anne, CEO of Design by Anne

“I challenged myself to meditating for 30 days, one extra minute a day. It works!”

Mahtab, Sweden

 "Thank you Raj! I mean, really, really, really thank you for this. I've literally been wishing for something like this for ages now."

Jimmy, Founder of Bernie James Media

“Everything about the flow and vibe of the course is great. After I finished my first few minutes I was already looking forward to the next. ”

Your 30 Day Challenge Begins 

  • Once a Day: Meditation guided by Rajan for one month.
  • Minute by Minute: The Minute System will teach you patience, relaxation, and efficiency.
  • Accountability: You're not alone. Rajan will check on progress using the Student Dashboard. 
  • Routine: 30 days of structure and routine will keep you going long after the course is over.
  • Iphone & Android: Take your course wherever you want.
  • Bragging Rights: In as little as a few minutes you will be able to say Yes! I do meditate daily!! 
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